Government Contracts

Contracting with the government is a specialized affair, governed by unique rules and regulations.  Groff Murphy lawyers have extensive experience representing clients contracting with government agencies.  We understand the applicable law and are familiar with mandatory contract provisions and related practices that apply when doing business with the government at the federal, state, and local levels.  Our lawyers are proficient at navigating the various legal issues that arise in government contracting to protect our clients and resolve disputes.

Our clients include national and international companies that contract in the fields of facilities management, construction, environmental remediation, and high technology.  We assist these clients in procuring and negotiating prime contracts and subcontracts, maintaining compliance with procurement regulations, and engaging in administrative and judicial proceedings.  We represent clients in all types of disputes related to government contracts, including bid protests, change order negotiations, subcontractor claims, claims for defective specifications, claims for delay and disruption, claims related to contract termination, Small Business Administration claims, Federal False Claims Act claims and a wide variety of other Federal Acquisition Regulation based compliance claims.

Our Government Contracts Services Include:

  • False Claims Act defense
  • Small Business Administration compliance, protests, and civil investigations
  • Department of Justice civil investigations, including responding to Civil Investigative Demands
  • Civilian Board of Contract Appeals claims
  • Contract Disputes Act claims
  • Teaming agreements
  • Project procurement and bid protests
  • Preparation and negotiation of subcontracts
  • Labor, employment, and safety issues
  • Bond claims
  • Claims preparation and negotiation
  • Preparation and negotiation of Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REAs)
  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation

Recent Achievements:

Groff Murphy’s litigation team recently obtained a favorable dispositive summary judgment ruling from the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, effectively dismissing the Government’s over $15 million cost unallowability determination of a prime contractor at the Hanford Nuclear Remediation Site. The Government’s allegation centered on an alleged lack of visibility into parent costs the contractor passed through to the Government. Although the prime contractor charged its parent costs to the Government in accordance with contract terms, the Government demanded that the prime contractor take additional steps to audit parent costs, including proprietary labor rates. Groff Murphy appealed the Government’s determination and filed a motion for summary judgment arguing that the Government inappropriately sought to impose requirements on the contract outside of the contract terms and Federal Acquisition Regulations. The CBCA agreed and granted summary judgment and granting the appeal. Groff Murphy is pleased to have achieved this favorable result prior to incurring significant costs in discovery.